ear and hearing. Trying to hear better by cupping the ear. 


Great solutions are what we offer every day.  A patient-focused approach to the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss is our passion.  Patient care, affordable technologies and doctorate level professionals allow us to put our patients’ best interest first.

We welcome all patients interested in hearing technology to a complimentary hearing evaluation.  We can educate, empower and guide you in making the right decisions when it comes to your hearing concerns.  Experience the sound! Just like test driving a car before you purchase, we enjoy performing in office demonstrations with leading technology.

Hearing instruments are miniature computers on your ears.  Medical science advancements reflect constant improvements in hearing technology. At Physicians Audiology Center we offer the latest digital hearing aid technologies that can be programmed to your individual needs, and reprogrammed should your hearing change.  We can help you decide which hearing aid manufacturer, style and technology level is best for you. 

Physicians Audiology Center offers hearing aids from several of the leading manufactures in the world, including:

Sometimes a hearing aid is not the best approach to improve your hearing ability.  Physicians Audiology Center also offers implantable and non-implantable devices when applicable. 

Lifestyle and Budget

Lifestyle and budget are always considered and weighed when deciding on what is best for you. All digital hearing aids provide superior benefit, though some are designed to help you perform better in the more difficult listening environments (i.e. restaurants, crowds, etc.).  Therefore, we determine candidacy for which level of technology suits your lifestyle, your needs and your budget! When preferred by you, interest free payment plans are available.

Fitting You with Your New Technology

No need to stress on your big day.  Physicians Audiology Center takes their time fitting you with your new technology.  We thoroughly explain, review and practice with you how to be a successful hearing aid wearer.  During the fitting process, we ensure you are comfortable with the devices in the ears and with the sound. Measurements are performed called, real ear measurements and “live speech mapping” to verify the accuracy of your hearing aid fitting. 

Premium care plans

Every new hearing aid purchase comes with our Premium Care Plan.  Physicians Audiology Center provides complimentary in office cleaning and hearing aid performance checkups, adjustments and minor repairs. We like to follow-up with our patients and hear how you are doing! Your reward is free batteries for the life of your hearing aids when you come in for regularly scheduled clean and check visits. 

Follow-up Care

With all new hearing aids, there is a 30 day trial period.  Physicians Audiology Center prefers scheduling a check-up a couple weeks after your initial fitting.  This provides us the opportunity to improve your hearing with the devices while you habituate to the new sound. Once both parties are satisfied with the fit and sound quality, we recommend scheduling an appointment every 4-6 months to clean and verify your hearing aids are working up to par!

Contact us with any questions about our hearing health care and to schedule an appointment. We look forward to the opportunity to provide the solution that is right for you!