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Video testimonial by a patient with single sided deafness who discusses his experience with a CROS hearing aid.  

"Dear Bria,
I can't thank you enough for the time you spent with my father, Tor, my mother, and me.  I know that at the end of our lengthy appointment my father concluded "there are no miracles," but I think we all see what we learned and achieved with your help as a bit miraculous.  When we left your office we went to lunch and my mother and I both consciously spoke lower and slower and the result was a great conversation such as we have not been able to have in several years.  My father is a smart, erudite, and interesting man, and we've all missed having him participate in discussion, so having him able to hear us in the restaurant was a bit of a miracle.  Not only have Mama and I learned a way to modify our behavior to help, but the adjustments you made to his existing hearing aid made the restaurant noise less annoying to him.  When we left the restaurant and walked across the parking lot, Papa said: "the birds are so loud!"  They're also high pitched, I guess.  So I noted again that you may have restored sounds to him from the severe range of his hearing loss. 
Having the numbers and graphs has allowed me and my two sisters and my mother to understand his condition in a way we can act on and be more patient about, and we are all really happy to be able to work with his hearing.
I don't know if you noticed that my father is a bit stubborn.  He's lived 91 years with a series of pleasant habits that he's loathe to change.  Using his hearing aids has not been one of his habits, but he really did listen to what your said about the stimulation of his hearing and the need to "use it or loose it."  I think he has already begun to develop a new habit of using the hearing aids at least four hours each day.
At dinner I sat on his left side and once again got the benefit of fun conversation with my father.  My sister Lorraine really noticed and enjoyed the difference.  I think his daughters and grandchildren will be competing for a place near the good ear.  But I'm also investigating an ENT to track down the problem you saw and hoping that over time he might be convinced to follow up about using the second model of hearing aid you showed him.
Maybe there aren't any technological miracles yet, but you have really worked a miracle for the Eide family, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate having my father back.  I'll be talking low and slow and enjoying hearing what he has to say in response.
Best wishes, M"


Video Testimonial by Jacquie who is pleased with the overall service and care of Physicians Audiology Center

"In 2009, I came out of a loud bar noticing there was definitely something wrong with my right ear. It felt like I had just come back from the loudest concert ever, and I couldn't hear out if my right ear! Foggy, stuffed up, achey, and I couldn't hear. A few days went by, and I knew something was wrong, in fact my ear felt way worse, extremely sensitive to everything I heard.  seeing several doctors, I was diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus and was told that a hearing aid might not help.  I didn't look further in to the option of a hearing aid since I was only in my late 20's... way too young for a hearing aid! And doctors kept saying, it probably won't help.  2013, Four years had gone by with me just 'dealing' with it. Thousands of 'huhs?' And 'I'm sorry, were you talking to me?' 'Could you speak up?'  'I can't hear very well, come again?' I'm so mad at myself that I didn't look into getting a hearing aid sooner!  At a work physical, I was referred to the Metropolitan Neuroear Group to see Dr. Sanjay Prasad because my work said, your ear is messed up! So with that referral, off I went. The office did a very thorough and routine check of my ear and Dr. Prasad explained and showed my MRI results, which was more than the other doctors I had seen and encouraged me to try a hearing aid. At that point, I met with Dr. in Audiology, Sienna Burke. She was such a pleasant experience and helped me with getting tested for a hearing aid. There was a very friendly payment option and a risk free trial of the hearing aid, since I had in the back of my mind it might not work. Well guess what, it did!! And I'm a 30 year old that rocks a hearing aid and I'm just so glad that Dr. Burke talked me through my anxiety, answered my questions, and helped me through an unbelievably amazing thing, to hear like i did before! The aid is barely visible, and the constant 'huhs?, what? can you say that again?' are occasionally still there but it's because of other sound obstructions not my ear that can't hear!  And as an added perk, my tinnitus is less noticeable. I will say, that it took a couple weeks to a month to get used to the device, and it's not exactly like before when I could hear well out of my ear, but Its the next best thing ever and would highly recommend getting one to anyone who has any hesitancy. I have been so pleasantly surprised with Dr. Burke's check-ins to see how the hearing aid is working out, I'm happy about he free hearing adjustments, and I'm really just so glad and impressed with my experience. I'm sure everyone's hearing loss is a different experience, but Dr. Burke really helps you each step and 'sound' of the way, I'm very very VERY thankful to her. It's amazing!! And I'm really happy!!  Thank you!" -Leona Bedrossian, Gaithersburg, MD

Video Testimonial by Lenny who wears GNResound hearing aids.


"I wish to thank you in electronic writing (or printing) for the wonderful service you provided me yesterday afternoon. Without exaggerating, I can tell you that a certain amount of emotional burden has been removed from my mind as a result of the important breakthrough you demonstrated for me yesterday.  Along with this is a substantial amount of monetary relief."   -Dick Meyer
“I am very pleased to recommend Physicians Audiology Center (PAC), a Division of Metropolitan NeuroEar Group. After a lot of nudging from family and friends, I finally decided to do something about my hearing difficulty. As I consider myself relatively young (46) for hearing loss, I was apprehensive about the process and certainly the appearance of hearing aids. From the onset, the staff and doctors at PAC were very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I specifically worked with Dr. Sienna Burke. PAC represents a multitude of products and Dr. Burke was great a matching the right solution for my needs. I can now hear my family and understand all communication at business meetings and presentations – I am a happy customer!” -  Rich
"After cranial surgery I started experiencing hearing loss and ringing in my left ear.   When seeking a second opinion, a co-worker recommended that I made an appointment with Dr. Sanjay Prasad.   The level attention given by everyone I saw on my first visit was astonishing.  Dr. Prasad reviewed my MRI with me and explained things in common terms that I could understand.  He recommended I made an appointment with one of the audiologist in the group to work with me on the ringing (tinnitus).  I was assigned to Dr. Allyson Bull.  When Dr. Allyson called to set up my first appointment and ask some questions, one of the things she suggested was that I don’t research hearing loss or tinnitus on the internet.  Too late, but she was right, certain things you leave to the professionals. Dr. Allyson did an excellent job going over tinnitus and various treatments.  She recommended that I try a hearing aide with ‘zen’ tones, and actually loaned me one for a trial period. I did purchase the Widex.  I made numerous visits to have it ‘tweaked’ and Dr. Allyson was always so patience with me.  It was difficult realizing that I had hearing loss and probably will have tinnitus for life.  However, I could not have asked for a better group of professionals.  I have recommended the Metropolitan NeuroEar Group to other, especially Dr. Allyson." - Happy Tinnitus Patient


Video Testimonial by Danny Wear on his experience with the audiologists at Physicians Audiology Center

"Physician's Audiology Center was an amazing help when I had a sudden hearing loss. Their caring approach enabled me to adjust to a new condition and continue a busy career as a professional musician.Having low hearing loss was unusual and they worked closely with me to find a perfect solution. I highly recommend them to anyone experiencing hearing difficulties. "   - the happy cellist :)
"I have been deaf in my right ear my whole life.  I was always told that I had nerve damage and nothing could be done.  Finally, at age 60, I became aware of Physicians Audiology Center. They introduced me to the Phonak CROS hearing aid which allows my deaf ear to transmit sounds to my good ear.  This has made a major difference for me when I am driving with a passenger in the car.  In the past, I had a “no talking to the driver” rule because I would have to turn my head and take my eyes off the road to hear the other person.  Now I can hear my passenger without moving my head and it has taken the frustration out of having another person in the car.  We don’t think about the little things that we are missing by having a hearing loss, so I highly recommend checking out this solution to one-sided hearing losses."    -Beverly G



Video Testimonial by Srini about the care he received at Physicians Audiology Center