The staff at Metropolitan NeuroEar Group and Physicians Audiology Center is looking forward to working with you to manage your tinnitus.  Below you will find information about how to schedule appointments and follow up with your treatment plan. 

Step 1:

Hearing Test and Medical Clearance (Ear Physician/Audiologist Visit)

It is necessary for you to see an M.D. (an Ear specialist or an Otolaryngologist, Neurotologist, or Otologist) to obtain a medical clearance before pursuing tinnitus therapy options.  You will need to have a hearing test performed by an audiologist at our facility before or on the same day as your visit with the physician.  During this visit a Tinnitus Assessment may be performed and billed to your insurance.


Note: If you were seen outside of our facility, please bring your medical clearance and any past hearing test(s) for review.  If seeing our Neurotologist, Dr. Prasad, please bring any previous MRI/CT scans for review. Additional testing may be ordered depending on your individual treatment plan. 

Step 2:

Information Packet and Questionnaires

After your consultation with the physician, you will receive an informational packet for review.  This packet includes history forms and questionnaires that must be completed prior to the next appointment.  Please return the history and questionnaires to Physicians Audiology Center in the enclosed envelope. 

Step 3:

Individual Tinnitus Evaluation and Assessment Appointment

Once the returned history and questionnaires are received you will be called to schedule an appointment for an Individual Tinnitus Evaluation and Assessment if it has not already been performed.   This is a two hour appointment that consists of a review of your audiologic testing and additional tinnitus testing, tinnitus counseling and/or development of an individualized management plan.  The cost for the Individual Tinnitus Evaluation is $240, which is due on the same day as your evaluation. 

Tinnitus can often be so disruptive that people complain they are having difficulty hearing.  This difficulty is often caused by hearing loss.  Tinnitus is just a symptom of the ear damage that may be causing the hearing loss.  This appointment includes individualized counseling that focuses on the tinnitus and the non-medical options that are available.  We will also cover basic information about the loudness and pitch of the tinnitus you are hearing.

Options for treatment include:

  • Hearing aids: Many people who have tinnitus also have hearing loss. Hearing aids can provide relief from the tinnitus by amplifying the sound that is not generally heard once hearing loss occurs. Hearing aids will also improve understanding by amplifying speech sounds.
  • Environmental enrichment devices (maskers): Listening to soothing music or recordings of nature or environmental sounds (such as ocean waves, rain forest, or bird calls) can also help mask the sound of tinnitus and reduce stress.
  • On-going counseling & relaxation techniques during the treatment:  Sometimes it can feel that tinnitus defines your life.  Naturally, the tinnitus may be the driving force to seek treatment.  However, looking at the larger picture and treating the person as a whole, rather than a set of symptoms, can help life feel more balanced again.  Some patients make changes in their exercise routines, eating habits, or recreation activities that are beneficial.
  • Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment:  A clinically proven treatment protocol for tinnitus.  It is a treatment that combines an electronic device that plays customized music along with counseling.  See enclosed brochures.
  • Financial Considerations: The minimum charge for this visit at the Metropolitan NeuroEar Group and Physicians Audiology Center (excluding charges incurred for a visit with our physician and audiologic diagnostics) will be $240. Treatment options vary in cost pending your candidacy for a particular treatment.  

Step 4: 

Fitting of Hearing Aids or Neuromonics and Instruction in Use and Operation of Device/s

Your hearing aids or Neuromonics device will be fitted on a second visit. You will be taught the basic care, use and maintenance of the devices. Additional counseling sessions will be offered in order to provide you and your family with a better understanding of your tinnitus.

This appointment will require about 1 hour of your time.

Step 5: 


On this date, we will discuss your experiences thus far using the treatment chosen for you. You may be asked to fill out one or two of the forms that you completed prior to your first visit.  Your audiologist will use these results called “outcome measurements” to help evaluate your progress. The Neuromonics Tinnitus treatment has a set schedule of return visits that will be explained to you at your appointment

These appointments will require 30 minutes of your time.

Insurance Information

*Please read carefully*

It is important to know that tinnitus related charges are almost universally not a covered benefit by insurance companies. That is, despite the fact that various types of tinnitus treatment have existed since the 1970s, the acoustical evaluation of tinnitus and the non-medical management of tinnitus are considered “investigations” by many insurance companies. Because of this we are not able to bill your insurance company for your tinnitus counseling, tinnitus treatment or hearing aids.  However, if you wish to try to gain reimbursement from your insurance company on your own, we will be happy to supply you with an explanation of the services and the purpose of the devices.