Hearing aid technology has greatly improved over the past several years. The aids are becoming more water resistant, smaller, more powerful, and smarter at detecting what sounds are speech versus noise.

Still with all these advancements, some patients are still dissatisfied with conventional hearing aid technology. The most common reasons for patient dissatisfaction include:

  • The appearance/aesthetics of the hearing aids
  • Lifestyles reasons (for example: cannot swim or snorkel with the aids and fear of losing the devices when doing activities such as skiing or playing sports)
  • Changing the batteries
  • Cleaning and care/maintenance of the devices
  • Sound Quality due to external microphones
  • Do not like the feeling of something in their ear

Envoy Esteem is a fully implantable device with no external components and no microphones. The device is implanted surgically (outpatient surgery under general anesthesia) and programmed by an Audiologist based on your hearing loss.

We offer a no charge consultation with an Audiologist to discuss candidacy for the Envoy Esteem device. This consultation consists of a hearing test, speech understandings evaluation, and ass  essment of current hearing aids.

Frequently asked questions regarding the Envoy Esteem fully implantable hearing device

Q: I have trouble hearing and know I have a hearing loss, but have never tried conventional hearing aids, am I a candidate for the Envoy Esteem?

A:  Those interested in pursuing the Esteem device must undergo a minimum of 30 day trial period with conventional hearing aids.

Q: Do I need to change a battery on the Esteem?

A: The battery in the device lasts on average 6 years (4.5 to 9 years). When the battery needs to be changed, it is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. At the time of battery replacement, the user would get any updates/upgrades to the internal Esteem device that are available at that time.

Q: Can I swim and go diving with the Esteem?

A: You may swim, shower, and snorkel with the Esteem device. The only limitation is that you may not be submerged in water below 10 meters (approximately 30 feet) with the device. Since there are no external components, patients may perform their daily activities without worrying about moisture damage to the device.

Q: Is the Esteem a solution for hearing loss?

A: Currently, there is not “cure” for hearing loss. Esteem is one treatment option to aid those who have hearing impairment. Our goal is to provide each patient with realistic expectations of outcomes based on his or her individual hearing loss.

Q: Does insurance cover the device and the surgery?

A: Most insurance carriers do not cover the Envoy Esteem. Financing options are available. 


For more on how the Esteem Implant works, please visit Envoy's website.