Be patient with your hearing aids and with yourself.  Hearing aids cannot restore your hearing or your communication to "normal" as glasses restore vision to 20/20. It takes time and persistence to adjust to hearing aids. You cannot expect to be comfortable with amplified sound in all situations overnight. For this reason, hearing aids are provided on a one month trial basis. It may take that long before you reliably assess the benefits you receive with your new hearing aids. Full time use of your hearing aids increases your chance for successful adjustments to them. 

That is why at Physicians Audiology Center we want our patients to feel comfortable returning to us if they experience concerns about their hearing loss or hearing aids. Follow-up clean and checks of all hearing aids are included in a hearing aid purchase for the life of the hearing aid. 

In addition, we minimize the hassle of purchasing batteries and provide free batteries for the life of the hearing aid. Our only request is that our patients return to us on a 4-6 month basis.  This allows us to clean and check the hearing aids to verify they are functioning properly and to ensure the patient is receiving the maximum benefit from them.

In summary, we consider our Premium Care Plan to be our standard of care and extend the following care to all of our Patients:

  • Free hearing aid consultations, including hearing test
  • Competitive pricing
  • 30-day trial period with all hearing aids
  • Free in-office repairs and cleanings for hearing aid life with initial purchase from us
  • Free programming adjustments for 1 year following fitting
  • Free batteries for the life of your hearing aid when you come in for scheduled check-ups
  • Extended warranties available
  • Financing/payment plans available

We offer each individual patient the comprehensive diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up care that best suits his or her hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. Schedule an appointment today!